Retiring our Flash-based player

Hi folks. Byron from Tripline here with an announcement of an upcoming change to the Tripline player.

As of September 2nd, Google is turning off their Maps API for Flash. This means I have no choice but to retire the current Flash-based Tripline map player and replace it with a Javascript version. I’ll be deploying a release with those changes at the end of August.

The Javascript version will have limited animation capabilities at first. I’ve been working on a new animation framework, but haven’t been able to get the experience as smooth as it is in Flash, so I’ve decided that the best approach is to release a simplified experience first, and continue developing the animation until I can get it working well. You can expect a series of releases this fall with those changes and more.

If you’re using our embedded maps on your own website, I’m working on a fix that will allow iframe-based embeds to display correctly without any changes. Object-based embeds may not work, so if you’re using those, you’ll need to replace your old embed code once we release the update at the end of August. I’ll share more info on that in the next few weeks.

I realize that changes like this can be frustrating, but we’re dependent on Google’s maps platform in this case, and we have to roll with the changes they make. Longer term, there are quite a few benefits from migrating to a pure Javascript framework (e.g., visibility of Tripline maps on mobile devices), so I think the net difference will be a positive one.

Also, in case you didn’t know, it’s just me working on the product at night and on the weekends, so please be patient as we go through this change. It’s going to be good.

Thanks for understanding, and look out for more updates over the next few weeks.

Safe travels,


tl;dr: Google is turning off their Maps API for Flash on September 2nd, so Tripline is retiring their Flash-based map player at the end of August and replacing with a Javascript version. More info soon.

  • Denise Levesque


  • Stephen

    Thanks for the heads up and I appreciate the work you’ve put into this.

  • Stuart

    Thanks Byron. Appreciate the work you’ve put in too. Any idea when the update will be out?

  • Byron Dumbrill

    Planning for this Monday, Sept 1

  • Stuart

    Smashing. Thanks

  • Stuart

    Hey you’ve gone live. Looking good. Cheers Byron

  • joru

    I appreciate the job, but…. how can I move the pins or edit the pin name??

  • phillip

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