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Chronicling the Trip: From Pixels to Paper
February 12, 2013

“Build your own interactive map with photos and text by adding or checking in at various spots: a park, a theater, a nightclub. Here’s the fun part: your map is uploaded to where you can set it to music … and then watch as an animated red line zooms about the streets, pausing at the places where you posted photos or text.”

50 ultimate travel apps … so far
January 30, 2012

“Tripline is a really fun app to play with while traveling. You can create a mapped timeline of your travels by checking into a location, taking a photo or video, or jotting down a few notes about your stop. When you return home, you can replay the entire trip in an interactive presentation, reviewing your notes and collected media that documented your time on the road. Kind of like a mobile memory.”

With a Little Help From Your Friends
November 19, 2011

“New travel apps tap social networks to help you map out trips—and brag about them afterward”

Tripline releases a new app for social media savvy travelers
February 4, 2011

“…the app is slick and easy to use just like the website, also slightly addictive for LBS happy travelers”

Plan, Attach & Share Your Travels With Tripline
October 27, 2010

“Tripline follows the mantra “Planning is a creative process” and really takes it to the next level…Creating your own travel map couldn’t be easier.”

Web Buzz: Let your inner planner run wild
September 18, 2010

“ improves on your map and pushpin method of dreaming about your next trip or recounting your last adventure.”

SMB Innovator: Inside Croft Global Travel’s Tech Toolkit
September 13, 2010

“Tripline also allows users to create an interactive and embeddable map that appears like a timeline of stops within a country or city. Photos, videos, check-ins and geo-enabled Tweets can be added to each point as well as descriptions of activities and tips for travelers. “This is what I’ve been looking for all along,” said Croft, elated, “I gravitated towards it immediately.”

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Draw Your Itinerary On A Tripline Map
August 6, 2010

“Tripline allows you to create an interactive, embeddable map detailing a trip using your destinations. You essentially create a timeline of your stops within a country or city and tag each stop with descriptions of your activities and include images as well. You can connect with Facebook to add any of your friends who went on the trip with you. And you can create maps from just your Foursquare checkins and or geo-enabled Tweets…

…While the online travel space is filled with a number of worthy competitors, Tripline’s platform is actually compelling because it is fairly easy to use.”

Map Of The Week – Part 2
August 6, 2010

“The ease of creating a Tripline map and the fact that maps can be embedded in a webpage or blog, just like YouTube videos, should help to make Tripline a popular mapping application…

…I guess I shouldn’t have named my map of the week yesterday. Tripline has easily slipped in at the last moment to claim joint top position.”

Cool Tools: TravelPost Q&A and Tripline Maps
August 9, 2010

“Meanwhile, Tripline is a new travel-mapping widget startup. This bootstrapped company has a neat little product that helps users create and annotate maps about their trips. This can be a way to spatially envision an upcoming vacation, or to show and tell what you did when you come back…”

Three ways to visualize your foursquare checkins
August 9, 2010

“What I want is a map that combines my foursquare checkins with tweets, status updates, photos and videos that I can share with my friends and family. I want a map that tells a story. Tripline is getting very close to this goal…”

Tripline: A Tech Savvy Way To Share Your Travels
August 9, 2010

“With the combined powers of Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and the tools to create an interactive itinerary, travelers may have just got their new favorite form of social media called Tripline…”

The New Way to Show Off Your Vacation Photos
August 12, 2010

“Remember when Indiana Jones would fly to go discover a cool artifact? Okay that’s a good start, but now remember the cool map that would be in the background showing you all the places he would fly over? That’s what I’m talking about. Tripline draws lines across your entire route to where you’ve been and to where you are going posting captions, photos and other media along the way. The other cool feature is you get epic music behind your journey across the map, so choose wisely.”