Our new Javascript map player is live!

Hi folks, Byron here with an exciting announcement. We’ve replaced our old Flash player with a new 100% Javascript version. Here it is:

I released it late Monday night, and it was just in time. Google shut off the Flash maps API right on schedule on Tuesday the 2nd. If you were using the IFRAME embed code for the old player, the new player will display automatically in its place. If you were using OBJECT embed code, you’ll see an error message in the old player…you’ll have to grab updated embed code from your map page.

Cool new stuff

Here’s a short summary of what’s new and some helpful hints.

  1. 100% Javascript, will display on mobile devices
  2. Styled maps with a nicer blue for water
  3. New control bar, step next/previous, first/last, zoom, full screen
  4. Keyboard controls!! Use the left/right arrows on your keyboard to navigate place to place, [enter] to open/close the photo gallery, left right arrows to navigate photos, [esc] to close the photo gallery and reset the map
  5. New photo gallery with super simple navigation and larger photo display
  6. Fully responsive (grab the responsive embed code on the map page to get the responsive/fluid map on your own site)

What’s not there (yet)

  1. Line animation
  2. Soundtrack/audio

Overall, I’m happy with it as a first release. I really thought I’d miss the animation dearly, but I’ve actually found the keyboard controls and manual skipping from place to place to be more engaging. I think the animation was fun for the first few waypoints, but it wasn’t the most engaging experience. I still do miss the coolness of the moving line, so I’m thinking about ways to build it in to the new player in a smarter way. I know lots of you loved the animation (and the soundtrack option), so let me know what you think in the comments. Bonus points if you find a bug.



  • Al Bileski

    The full screen pictures are great but the descriptions do not show. This is important as it gives your friends or followers an idea of what the picture is about.

  • Byron Dumbrill

    Yup, forgot to mention captions in the “What’s not there (yet)” section. I’ll be adding captions soon…and a counter

  • Jean-pierre Guillon

    I am so happy that you are doing this work. It is exactly the type of program I have been looking for. I am using it now to cover my grand father adventures in the various military prisons and penitentiaries before WW1, also his day to day placement of his regiment in 1914. It is also a wonderful tool for my familly tree where dates and places can be represented in a much better way than in a time line. Thank you for your efforts

  • Bob

    Byron, we started using your tripline last year to track our adventure. Sold the house, got rid of stuff, bought a travel trailer, having a ball. Your site is super easy, and lets us track where we’ve been on one map, and all the places people tell us we really need to visit on a separate map. Thank you so much for a great site.

  • Adrien

    It love this app to create my maps but I also really miss the animation so I could create short videos. Hope it will be back soon!

  • Alejandro Rodriguez

    Please bring back the “Line animation”! It was the most valuable feature of Tripline! It’d be also great to be able to download/save the animation as a movie to the hard disk, but I understand that it’s much more complicated. Lots of userse were using the “Line animation” feature just because they’ve no “video editing skills” and Tripline was the easiest way to do it. Currently there’s no easy software for Windows that allows to draw a line on a map. You should explore that market niche…

  • AK

    Came back to the site after a year to create my travel map! But wait , the coolest part of your map is missing :( I am sure there can be some javascript animation that can be added to get a similar feature. You guys are doing great work, but animation has to be there. Otherwise I dont see a big value add between scores of other sites vs yours.

  • Clidanor

    the first version was the best with musik and line animation. i miss it a lot.

  • http://www.bigalswebsite.com/ Alan Trinder

    hi, not getting any feedback on features that are currently not available, nay chance of a project planning table we can all see?