New Release: Facebook friend map on main site, performance improvements

We just launched a small release tonight with a few notable features:

  1. We added the Facebook friend map to the main site (previously it was only available in our Facebook app).  If you’ve connected your Tripline account to Facebook, you’ll now see a [Load Friend Map] button on the logged in home page.  Click on this to display a map of your Facebook and Tripline friends, including:
    • Latest checkins around the globe
    • Tripline maps in progress
    • All Tripline maps with friends
    • Where your Facebook friends live now
    • Where your Facebook friends grew up
  2. We changed the activity feed on the home page to load asynchronously (you know, the “Loading…” text with a spinner).  Our activity feed is getting pretty active these days, so loading asynchronously will speed up initial page load time quite a bit.
  3. The mobile app now loads your past 25 maps instead of 15
  4. We also fixed several other small bugs

That’s it for now.  We’re continuing to work on more features, so as always, email if there’s something you’d like us to do, or if you’re having any trouble.