Day 1, off and running

Well, it’s been an amazing day.  We’ve been watching the new trips come in for the past few hours and we’re loving it.  It seems that everyone has lots of stories to tell, so we hope we’ve made it easier (and more fun) to put these things together.

When you’re building something, it’s always hard to tell if anyone is really going to enjoy (or even understand) what you’re making, so it’s incredibly uplifting to see that people do.  We’ve already seen a wide range of trips created so I thought I’d post a few of them here.

Here’s Kathy Park’s latest.  She’s obviously a huge Steelers Fan.  Dare I tell her that I’m a life-long Pats fan?

And here’s Jody Fellows from Virginia.  She’s organized a Falls Church Pizza Crawl.  That sounds pretty good right now.

These are two examples of how you can use Tripline every day.  I think it’s really neat to see these – it’s the reason we built Tripline to be flexible.  While the genesis of the idea came from travel, and that’s where we’re focused, we also understand that people don’t go on big trips all the time.  But everyday life does involve moving across the map, and so do many of the things we’re interested in…sporting events, bands, authors, stories, etc.  We felt that Tripline as a content creation application shouldn’t be restricted to a certain subject matter, so we were always conscious of supporting these sort of things.  One example is dates.  Since we got such a kick out of creating historical trips, we built in support for dates in the distant past.   It meant a bit of extra effort for us , but I think it’s worth it.  Anyway, it was too much fun to not do it.  Same goes for famous/fictional characters.  A bit of extra effort, but how could you release something that supports historical trips like Paul Revere’s Ride and not give someone the ability to add Paul Revere?

Why is all of this important?  Well, it goes back to the question of what travel is.  In the parlance of our time,  travel = vacation.  But really, travel is moving across the map.  And whether you do it for fun, for work, for adventure, to see family or just dream about going somewhere some day, we hope Tripline is what you use to put your plans and your stories together.   We’re going to keep making it better.

It’s been a long day, so I’m going to get some sleep.  We’ll be back in the morning checking out your trips.

Welcome to Tripline!

– Byron