More new features! Automatic trips from photos, bookmarks, embedded videos, text formatting, page translation etc.

Hi folks. We launched some exciting new features on Tripline today.  Here’s the list:

  • Automatically create trips from geotagged (and non-geotagged) photos – Many of you have asked about this, so we’re excited to announce that you can now create trips just by uploading a collection of photos! We’ll use the date/time and geotags on your uploaded photos to automatically create the locations in your trip. It’s incredibly easy and lots of fun. If you don’t have geotagged photos, we’ll create groups based on date/time and you can easily add the location info manually. Go to Tripline and click [Create] in the header to check it out.
  • Bookmark your favorite trips – We’ve added a [+ Bookmark] button to the trip page so you can easily save your favorite trips. Bookmarks give you quick access to someone else’s trip you’re following as well as trips that you might want to use as a guide while traveling. Bookmarks will show up on your Home Page, on your My Trips page and are also available on Tripline Mobile:
  • Videos on the trip page – You can now add videos from YouTube and Vimeo to your trips. All you have to do is paste a YouTube/Vimeo link into a place description and the embedded video will display when you reload the page. Note that embedded videos won’t yet display in the player…that’s something we’ll add in a future release. Oh, and if you add a link to another Tripline trip, it will show up as an embedded player as well. Great for creating trips within trips!
  • Line breaks in trip and place descriptions – Many of you have asked for this. You can now add line/paragraph breaks to your trip/place descriptions and they’ll display correctly.
  • Page translation – You can now translate any page on Tripline into the language of your choice. Just click on the globe icon at the top right of the header and select a language (53 available). It’s page-by-page for now.
  • Other new features and bug fixes
  • We’re now displaying trip distances in kilometers as well as miles
  • We added a confirmation prompt before deleting waypoints in the editor
  • We fixed a bug that was preventing navigation to the second page of a Facebook photo album
  • We fixed a photoviewer bug that was preventing caption entry for panoramic photos
  • We fixed a photo upload bug that was causing uploads to stall when photos were added to the upload list multiple times
Google Chrome users:  If you’re using Adblock, the photoviewer on the trip page won’t get the correct image sizes and will appear a little broken.  This is a known issue with Adblock and they’re working on a fix.  Unfortunately, the Excluded Sites fix we mentioned in previous emails no longer works, so you’ll need to disable Ad Block for the photoviewer to work correctly.
Internet Explorer users:  If you’ve noticed that the trip player doesn’t always display updated information after saving your trip, we have a fix for you.  The problem is caused by a flaw in IE’s automatic caching mechanism.  The solution is to disable automatic caching.  This will make some  pages load more slowly, so it’s up to you.  To disable, choose Tools… Internet Options. On the General tab, under Browsing History click [Settings]. On the settings page, click the “Every time I visit the webpage” radio button.

Thanks again for all the great suggestions.  As always, if you need to get in touch with us, send an email to

– Byron